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Description : Augmente la résolution de diablo 2
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Diablo 2 D2Multires

Il s'agit d'un patch / mod permettant de dépasser la résolution maximale prévue pour Diablo 2, à savoir 800*600. Grâce à D2Multires vous pourrez jouer en plein écran en 1680*1050, voir 1600 * 900 en directdraw.
Contenu du fichier texte d'installation :
[quote]To install, simply copy D2MultiResGame.exe, D2MultiRes.dll and
D2MultiRes.mpq to your Diablo II directory.  You do not need
to copy over or replace any of your files, and none of your
files will be changed.  At the moment, D2MultiRes only supports
the GDI (windowed mode) and DirectDraw graphics plugins.  If
you are using Glide you'll almost certainly crash.  If you're
using Direct3D you'll be able to run Diablo II, but expect to
see some funky graphic glitches while playing the game.  To
switch to DirectDraw, run D2VidTst.exe (found in your Diablo II
directory) and choose the DirectDraw option.  You shouldn't
notice any major drawbacks for using DirectDraw over Direct3D,
so for most users this probably won't be a problem.

To run, start D2MultiResGame.exe.  You may use any of the
normal command line options available when playing Diablo II,
such as "-w" for windowed or "-direct -txt" for mods.  Diablo II
will start in its normal resolution, however when playing a game
you will be able to switch to a new, higher resolution.  To do
so, just go to the Video Options menu and select the Resolution
menu item.  This will bring up a new panel that will list your
available resolutions.  Click the one you wish to play in and
Diablo II will switch to that resolution.

Like I stated above, there are still a few oddities with
D2MultiRes.  None of these is game breaking, and you probably
won't really notice them all that much:

    The Direct3D plugin is NOT working.  You WILL notice
    this if you try to play with it.  I'm looking into
    getting it working, but I'm also perfectly happy
    using DirectDraw so...

    The lighting for torches, monsters, etc. is a little
    unusual looking at the edges of the screen.  I assume
    this has to do with how lighting is rendered - it's
    probably been optimized for the two original display
    modes and so doesn't work entirely right on other
    resolutions.  This is a minor inconvenience at best
    and you'll probably stop noticing it after a bit.

    At the edges of zones you'll see black borders instead
    of more grass, desert, jungle, etc.  This is because
    Diablo II doesn't actually have anything to draw there.
    The original resolutions weren't big enough to make those
    areas visible and so nothing was put in to cover them.
    Now that they are visible, there's nothing there and they
    show as black.

Notre Avis sur Diablo 2 D2Multires :
Fonctionne parfaitement, peut être une fonction présente au patch 1.13 ?

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Version : 1.02
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Date de dernière MAJ : Jeudi 05 Mars 2009
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Courte description : Augmente la résolution de diablo 2
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